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[An extension for GameMaker Studio 2]

This extension is recommended to advanced users only.

"Window Ext" is an affordable and open source Windows extension made exclusively for GameMaker Studio 2. With this extension, you may manipulate the properties of existing windows, or create new windows by running external programs.

Import the example project to create a custom window title bar, as shown in the video. This will require you to tick the "Borderless Window" checkbox under Windows Game Options. Download the free demo EXE to see a preview of this.

Documentation is available at the "Support" link, at the top of this page. After visiting the link, you should see the YoYoGames forum topic for this asset. In the original post, you can access a spoiler, within which you can read the documentation.

Click the "Contact Publisher" link, at the top of this page, if you have any questions, or need help using this extension. I often reply within a few days or so, depending on what's going on in my life.

Functions included:

  • real window_find(string class_name,string window_name)

  • real window_get_desktop()

  • real window_get_foreground()

  • real window_set_foreground(real window_handle)

  • real window_get_parent(real window_child)

  • real window_set_parent(real window_child,real window_parent)

  • real window_get_top_child(real window_parent)

  • real window_is_child(real window_parent,real window_child)

  • real window_get_minimized(real window_handle)

  • real window_get_maximized(real window_handle)

  • real window_get_maximizeable(real window_handle)

  • real window_set_minimized(real window_handle,real window_minimize)

  • real window_set_maximized(real window_handle,real window_maximize)

  • real window_set_opacity(real window_handle,real opacity)

  • real window_fix_minimized(real window_handle)

  • real window_fix_maximized(real window_handle)

  • real window_fix_opacity(real window_handle)

  • real window_move(real window_handle,real x,real y,real width,real height)

  • real window_exists(real window_handle)

  • real window_destroy(real window_handle)

  • real taskbar_get_height_from_top()

  • real cursor_clip_outside_taskbar(real clip)

  • real process_create(string program)

  • real process_destroy(real process)

  • more will be added over time

Published Jun 22, 2017
AuthorSamuel Venable


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